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The Lucius Malfoy Fuh-Q-Fest
blonds have more fun
Thank you! 
11th-Dec-2007 05:33 pm
Marvel -- Thor
literati and suki_blue would like to thank the following LJ comms and newsletters for their support and pimping:

genfic_hogwarts lucissa Lumione luciusmarauders slyther_in the_pimp_cane do_me_lucius lucius_worship luciusmalfoy and hogwarts_today and daily_snitch.

We've had a huge response, and a rough count seems to indicate somewhere in the region of 80 Lucius goodies to be posted between Dec 20 and Feb 15. Thank you so much to all the comms mentioned and to anyone that has pimped us and talked about us and assisted with arm-twisting; without you, this fest wouldn't be what it is.

As the fics and art etc are posted, we will be adding them into the community memories so hopefully by Feb 15 we'll have a huge archive for you all to look back on and bookmark.

We'll let you know when posting begins and when it ends. Apart from that, go forth and have fun with Lucius.
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